What is WAMP?

WAMP is sometimes used as an abbreviated name for the software stack Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. It is derived from LAMP which stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. As the name implies, while LAMP is used on Linux servers, WAMP is used on Windows servers. Because WordPress isn’t usually installed on Windows Servers, WAMP has become popular among developers as a method of installing WordPress on their personal computers.

1.“W” stands for Windows, there’s also LAMP (for Linux) and MAMP (for Mac).

2. The “A” in WAMP stands for Apache. Apache is server software that is used to serve web pages. Whenever someone types in your WordPress website’s URL, Apache is the software that “serves” your WordPress site.

3. The “M” in WAMP stands for MySQL.MySQL is a database management system. Its job in the software stack is to store all of your website’s content, user profiles, comments, etc.

4. The “P” in WAMP stands for PHP. PHP is the programming language that WordPress is written in. It is also the piece that holds the entire software stack together. It runs as a process in Apache and communicates with the MySQL database to dynamically build your webpages.

Instead of installing and testing WordPress on your hosting account, you can do it on your personal computer (localhost).

WAMP acts like a virtual server on your computer. It allows you to test all WordPress features without any consequences since it’s localized on your machine and is not connected to the web.

First of all, this means that you don’t need to wait until files are uploaded to your site, and secondly – this makes creating backups much easier.

WAMP speeds up the work process for both developers and theme designers alike. What is more, you also get the benefit of playing around with your site to your heart’s content.

However, to actually make the website go live, you need to get some form of hosting service and a Domain. See our beginner-friendly article about web hosting for more information.

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