How do add users to the google search console?

Know about user permissions in detail.


Each user for a Search Console property is assigned one of the following permissions:

  • Owner: Has full control over properties in Search Console. Owners can add and remove other users, configure settings, view all data, and use all tools. A property must have at least one verified owner, or no users will have access to the property. There are two types of owners, both have the same permissions:
    • Verified owner: Someone who verified ownership of the property using a token to prove ownership (such as an HTML file uploaded to the website). To add or remove a verified owner, you must add or remove a token on the site.
    • Delegated owner: Someone granted ownership status by a verified owner without the use of a verification token (such as an HTML file or tag). To add or remove a delegated owner, an owner of any type simply adds or removes the new owner using the Search Console user management screen.
  • Full user: Has view rights to all data and can take some actions.
  • Restricted user: Has simple view rights on most data.
  • Associate: Associates are people or accounts that can take certain actions on behalf of your site, or access certain data. Unlike site owners and users, associates can’t open or view your Search Console account or data directly but they are authorized to perform other tasks. The actions and permissions vary depending on the type of association (for example, Chrome Web store). 

Follow the below steps to add your user to the google search console.

Step 1: Navigate to and log in.

Step 2: Select your property from the “search property” dropdown.

3. next go to the on setting option and click on it.

4. After that click on User and permissions.

5. Click on add user button.

6. Finally, Add a user screen add the user’s email to your account, and click add.

How do add users to the google search console

How do add users to the google search console

Now! you know how to add users in a google search console.

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