Import Product Images by CSV file in Magento 2.

In this blog, we will see how can we import the product images using CSV in Magento 2.Import Product Images by CSV file in Magento 2.

Import Product Images with file CSV

  1. In the CSV data, enter the name of each image file to be imported on the correct row, by SKU, and in the correct column according to image type (base_image, small_image, thumbnail_image, or additional_images). Make sure the relative path to the import directory is included before each file name.
  2. For example: /pub/media/import/product_image.jpg. The CSV file needs to include only the SKU column and the related image columns. If you want to import multiple images for a single SKU, insert a blank row below the SKU, and enter the additional image file names in the appropriate columns.
  3. Enter the path to the folder that you upload your images in the beginning in the Images File Directory fields and continue importing products.

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Import Product Images by CSV file in Magento 2.expoundsofttechsolution