What is PaaS?

PaaS stands for “platform as a service”. PaaS is a cloud computing service model that provides both an IT infrastructure and a cloud application development platform to clients over the Internet.
Common PaaS services include IT infrastructure—such as data centers, servers, and networking—and the management of application development tools, middleware, operating systems, runtime, virtualization, and databases.What is PaaS? platform as a service

PaaS providers give their clients a platform to develop, use, and control business applications without the complex IT infrastructure needed for those activities. It has varieties of usefulness and among them, it cuts down the price and headache of installing extra software licenses, core applications, and other platform resources.

How does PaaS work?

Platform-as-a-Service, is one of the best cloud computing technology after IaaS that is less expensive, has a well-equipped management system, and can beat any other old traditional cloud system.

PaaS provides a pay-per-use feature. Therefore, without having to buy, configure, develop, maintain and install every application to work and use for their purpose that also requires a strong maintenance team to maintain them and service them on a daily basis, one can easily just use and pay for that price that they require for their usage. That is why for proper and best utilization, one can pay only for the usage of their applications.

Types of PaaS :

Private Cloud
Public Cloud
Hybrid Cloud
Computing Platforms
Web & Social Applications

PaaS includes Development Tools, Middleware, Operating Systems, Database Managemen, Infrastructure, and many more features & services PaaS provides to the customers.

Advantages of PaaS:

  1. Scalability: of users ranges from hundreds to thousands and is Simple & Easy to Use.
  2. Low Cost: Development via PaaS requires a computer & a good internet connection and less investment in hardware & software.
  3. Instant Community: PaaS providers facilitate user-providing online communities where a developer can get new ideas & share their experiences & advice.

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What is PaaS? platform as a serviceexpoundsofttechsolution

What is PaaS? platform as a service