How to add a slider to a WordPress website?

If you want to add a slider to your WordPress website I’ll describe to you how to create a WordPress slider, please follows these steps:

1. Log in to your WordPress Admin.

2. Click on the Plugins option from the left navigation, then click on Add New button.

3. In the search box, enter Soliloquy in the search plugins fields.

4. You will see this plugin, then click on Install Now button.

5. By clicking on More Details you can find more information about that.

6. Wait for a few seconds while the plugin is installed on your WordPress website.

7. Click on Activate button and just in a few seconds plugin will be installed on your website.

8. After successful installation you can see, the Soliloquy option appears in the left sidebar. Click on it then click Add New button.

9. You’ll see the new page. Enter the Title and then add the Images for your slider. you can add images from your computer and from other sources.

10. After selecting images scroll down to the page and click on Configuration and customize the slider option according to you.

11. Click on Publish to activate your slider.

12. The next step is to add a slider on pages, posts, blogs, etc.

13. Click on Pages and select the page to which you want to add a slider.

14. Clicks on the plus icon and in the search box enter Soliloquy and click on it.

15. From the drop-down select your slider then you will see the slider that you were created.

16. Click on the Update button and update your page and now you have successfully created the slider.

If you get any trouble, please leave your queries in the comment box.

Thank you! have a great day.

How to add a slider to a WordPress website?expoundsofttechsolution
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