What is Scope in Python?

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Today, we will discuss Python Variable Scope. Here, we will learn different types of variable scope in Python.

What is Python Variable Scope?

The scope of a variable in python is that part of the code where it is visible. A scope is a block of code where an object in Python remains relevant. Namespaces uniquely identify all the objects inside a program. A few examples of scope created during code execution in Python are as follows:

A local scope refers to the local objects available in the current function.
A global scope refers to the objects available throughout the code execution since their inception.
Enclosing Scope in Python: Enclosing (or nonlocal) scope is a special scope that only exists for nested functions. If the local scope is an inner or nested function, then the enclosing scope is the scope of the outer or enclosing function.
built-in scope
local, enclosing, global, and built-in. These scopes together form the basis for the LEGB rule used by the Python interpreter when working with variables.

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