How to Add Content in jQuery

Add a new HTML Content :-

How to Add Content in jQueryexpoundsofttechsolution What is GMT?

Four jQuery Methods are used to add new content.

  1. append() – put content at the end of the selected elements
  2. prepend() – put content at the beginning of the selected
  3. after() – put content after the selected elements
  4. before() – put content before the selected elements

append() Method:-

The jQuery append() method put content AT THE END of the selected HTML elements.


<!DOCTYPE html>
<script src=""></script>
    $("p").append(" <b><i>Appended</b></i>.");
<p>This is a Append Method.</p>
<button id="button">Append</button>



when we will click the append button, then the append text will add.