How to delete a file in Python?

In This blog, we are going to learn, how we can delete a file in Python?

Sometimes we need to delete files from a directory that is no longer needed. we will use the following Python functions to delete files and folders.

How to Delete a File in Python

We can delete files using different methods and the most commonly used one is the os. remove() method.

  1. firstly Find the path of a file
    The path is the location of the file on the disk.For example, /home/project/sample/samples.txt
  2. Use os.remove() function to delete File
    secand, import the os module and Pass a file path to the os.remove(‘file_path’) function to delete a file from a disk
    Use command os.remove(file_name)
     import os
     print("Your File has been Removed!")

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