GMB Photo Categories & Types of Photos to Add to Your Google Listing

In this blog, we are going to learn GMB Photo Categories & Types of Photos to Add to Your Google Listing.

GMB Photo Categories

Google My Business divides photos into four different categories:


Uploading a high-quality picture of your logo helps customers to easily identify your brand in searches and business directories.

Cover Photo

The cover photo is used to sum up what your brand is all about. Whichever picture you choose as the cover photo will be listed as the preferred photo for your listing, though that doesn’t guarantee it will always be displayed in searches.

General Pictures

General photos are all the other pictures that are uploaded by either the business or customers. These can be used to highlight different features of your brand and help users make well-informed decisions. The next section covers the types of general pictures you should upload.


Lastly, users and business owners also have the option to upload videos to a listing. With the popularity of video content skyrocketing, this is a great way to give customers a more hands-on look at your brand.

Types of Photos to Add to Your Google Listing

Exterior & interior photos

Use these types of photos to help customers identify what your business looks like from the outside, and what kind of atmosphere they can expect when they walk inside.

Product photos

Use product photos to give customers a better idea of what you offer in addition to showcasing product quality.

Service photos

Just because you don’t offer a physical product doesn’t mean you can’t showcase what you do. Take pictures of your team in action or work with customers to help users understand how you can help them.

Food & drink photos

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Make your food look as deliciously enticing as possible.

Common area & room photos

If you’re in the hospitality business, help potential customers visualize the luxuries and amenities they could be indulging in.

Employee photos

Having a high-quality team photo that shows customers the team behind the brand helps make your business more relatable and friendly. Additionally, if you’re a home service business, having photos of the actual people going into your clients’ homes will foster that much-needed trust.

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