How to Add a New Page in Magento 2

  1. Add a New How to Add a New Page in Magento 2 Page
    In the Admin Panel, select the Content > Elements > Pages.
    Click the Add New Page.

If you do not want to publish the page set Enable Page “No”.
Write the Page Title.

2. Complete the content

2.1 Expand the Content

In the Content Heading box, enter the heading that you want to appear at the top of the page.

2.2 Use the Page Builder content tools

You can add images, variables, and widgets as needed. For more information, see Using the Editor.
you can add heading, buttons, text, as you need.
you can add a banner, slider.

3. Fulfill the SEO information

Expand the Search Engine Optimization.
Accept the default or enter another URL Key that consists of all lowercase characters, with hyphens rather than spaces.
Enter a Meta Title for the page. Enter your Meta Keywords.
Add the meta description.

Click the save button.

4. Specify the scope of the page

Expand the Page in Websites.

In the Store View list, select each view where the page is to be accessible. If the insertion has multiple websites, select each website and store view where the page is to be available.

5. Design

Select the design layout.

6. Custom Design Update

Select the New Theme, New Layout.

7. Publish the page

Set Enable Page to “Yes”.
Click the Save and choose Save & Close.

How to Add a New Page in Magento 2expoundsofttechsolution

How to Add a New Page in Magento 2