How to add a Gift Card in Shopify?

1. Log in to Shopify Admin, click on Products.

How to add Gift Card in Shopify?expoundsofttechsolution How to add Gift Card in Shopify?

2. Click on Gift cards, then click on the Issue gift card button.

3. In the Gift card details section, you see the Gift card code is already generated and you need to enter the initial value of the gift card.

4. In the Expiration date section, select the No expiration date option if you don’t want to set the expiration date of your gift card or if you want to set an expiration date then select the Set expiration date option and set expiration date.

5. In the Find or create a customer section, click on the search box and select your customer. Also, you can create a new customer.

6. In the Notes section, you can add notes for the customer, but the customers can see this note when they are in the admin section. Otherwise, this note is not visible to the customers.

7. Click on the Save button to save the Gift Card.

8. After the gift card is issued, you will see the success field like the below image. Also, you can edit the information.

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