To Add a New Product In Magento 1

please log in to your Magento Admin Dashboard and navigateTo Add a New Product In Magento 1 to

Catalog → Manage Products from the main top navigation menu.

On the new page click on the Add Product button on the right side of your screen. On the new page, select the desired attribute
set or use the default one and the product time then click the Continue button.

Please input the required fields such as product name, short and full product description as well as the product SKU and enable the product via the status dropdown.
Be advised that the SKU should be a unique number that will be associated with your product and it is used by the Magento store to differentiate products.

When you are ready click on the Prices tab from the menu on the left to configure your product price and any promotional price periods
if you would like to offer a certain discount for a period of time.

To upload your product images, please refer to the Images tab from the menu on the left and use the Browse Files… button.
When you have all the images selected click on the Upload Files button.

You can check all the available options if you need to further tweak your product settings but one of the most important options that need to be covered is the product quantity located under
the Inventory tab. Please click on the Inventory tab on the left and fill in the quantity available for this product and put the product “In Stock” via
the Stock Availability drop-down menu.

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