How to create New Category in Magento 2

  1. Click Catalog in Admin Sidebar, then select the categories from the inventory

Since Magento naturally has a default category all the following ones are assigned to, once you click Categories in the admin you are directed to the Default Category.

2. Click the Add Subcategory button in order to create a category.

3. Set the New Category Information.

Enable Category. Select whether to include it in the Menu.
Enter the Category Name. Upload Category Image.

4. Set New Category Content.

Add category Description.
Add CMS Block which will be displayed on the category page above products.

5. Configure the Display Settings.

Here, you set the arrangement of the products in the category.

6. Products in Category
Select the product that you want to appear in the category

7. fill the required fields

Once you have finished the required fields and click the Save button you will see the category appear in the list of categories.

How to create New Category in Magento 2expoundsofttechsolution How to create New Category in Magento 2