How to install WordPress in localhost?

Please follow How to install WordPress in localhost? these below steps:

How to install WordPress in localhost?expoundsofttechsolution How to install WordPress in localhost?

1. First go to the official website of the WordPress:

2. Click on the Download button and download the latest version in the zip file.

3. Now extract the zip file in localhost, ( Check Xampp is installed in your system If Xampp is not in your system then first install it and extract the zip file).

4. Open your browser and put the URL like this: localhost/your-folder-name and you will see the process of installation of WordPress.

5. Select your language and click on the Continue.

6. You see the next step, which describes all the needed information about the database, then click on Let’s go!

7. Go to http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ and create a Database for WordPress.

8. After clicking on the Let’s go! button you need to enter the information for the database and after putting the information click on Submit button

9. Then you will see the Run to install button on the new page, you need to click on the button to start the installation.

10. Now you need to add administrator information like Website name, Username, Password, Email, etc, and click on the Install WordPress button.

11. After successful installation of WordPress, you can see the Login page, there is put the username and password, and click on Log In button.

12. After these you can see the WordPress Admin Panel. Enter your username and password and click on the Log In button.

13. You will redirect to the WordPress Dashboard.

If you get any trouble while installing the WordPress, please leave your queries in the comment box.

Thank you! have a great day.