How to add Calendar to Shopify store?

Calendars are useful tools for keeping track of upcoming events, meetings, deadlines, and milestones. They can help you visualize your schedule and remind you of important events, such as holidays and vacation time. Adding a Calendar to the Shopify store is a great way to display upcoming events. This blog will teach you how to easily embed any Google Calendar by using your Google account on your website.

1. First, Log in to Google, then go to this link and login to your Google Calendar.

2. In the left-hand column list of calendars, click on the 3 lines to the one you want to embed. In the My calendars section, select the Settings and sharing option.

3. On the next page, select the Integrate calendar option, then you will go to Integrate calendar section.

4. In Integrate calendar section, click on Customize button. This section will provide embed code.

5. After you have the calendar looking the way you want it, copy the code block in the upper right area.

How to add Calendar to Shopify store?

6. From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes.

7. Choose the theme you want to edit, and then click Actions > Edit code.

8. In the Templates directory, click Add a new template.

9. Choose a type option for your new template. Select the page and give the template name calendar.liquid.

10. Click Create a template, then your new template will open and the file will be populated with default code.

11. In your calendar.liquid file, find the Liquid tag {{ page.content }} and replace it with embed code.

12. Click Save.

13. After creating the template, it will appear in your admin.

14. Create a new page for Calendar, enter the title, content and select a template for the page.

15. Click Save and refresh your page on the front-end.

If you get any trouble please leave your queries in the comment box.