What is Ngrok?

Introduction to d Ngrok:

Ngrok is a cross-platform application that enables developers to expose a local development server to the Internet with minimal effort. In other words, ngrok allows you to expose a web server running on your local machine to the internet. d Ngrok is a useful tool to create a secure tunnel for locally hosted files and projects using reverse proxy technology. It is used to host any local file or project over the web. Ngrok runs a small client process on your machine which creates a private connection tunnel to the cloud service. By default, ngrok creates both HTTP and HTTPS endpoints, making it useful for testing integrations with third-party services or APIs that require valid SSL/TLS domains.

How to Install Ngrok on Windows?

Here are very simple steps to install ngrok on windows, please follow these:

1. First, check ngrok is installed on your computer or not. For these, Go to the command prompt and check for ngrok, by typing the ‘ngrok’ command. (This confirms ngrok is not installed on your system.)

2. Now, Go to the ngrok download page https://ngrok.com/download and install the free version.

3. Download the ngrok windows setup (Zip file).

4. Unzip the ngrok file then you got a .exe file.

5. Place the ngrok.exe in a folder wherever you want (Make sure the folder is in your PATH environment variable).

6. Double click on the ngrok.exe file to open ngrok terminal.

How to Use Ngrok on Windows?

After opening the ngrok terminal, run this command ‘ngrok http 80’. It takes your local URLs to live to the internet.

First, we run the ngrok command for Port 80 which is a default port. Then ngrok hosted our localhost URL over the Internet by using their random subdomain name. There are 2 URLs, the first is HTTP which is not secure and another is HTTPS secure URL. You can use both URLs according to your requirements.

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