How to Create a Manual Collection on Shopify?

Manual collections:

A manual collection includes the specific products that you choose. The collection will always contain the same products unless you add or remove them. Unlike an automatic collection which the products that suit the condition will be added automatically, in a manual collection, you will have to choose a specific product and then add it to your collection by yourself.

  1. Log into admin and go to Products > Collections.
  2. Click on the Create collection.
  3. Enter the Title and Description of the collection.
  4. In the Collection type section, click Manual button.
  5. Click on the Save button.
  6. After saving the changes stay on the page and follow the below steps.
  7. In the Products section find the products or click on the Browse, and then add the products which you want to add to the collection.
  8. Set the Sort order for how you want the products to be sorted in your store.
  9. In the Search engine listing preview section shows a preview of how the collection will be displayed in search results. If you want to edit this information, then click Edit website SEO. You can’t change the URL and handle, because they are used to link the collection to your online store. This is an optional process.
  10. In the Collection availability section, click Manage to select the sales channels where you want your collection to be available.
  11. In the Collection image section, click Add image to upload an image for the collection.
  12. Click Save.

Add a link to your collection in your online store navigation, so that customers can find and view the collection.expoundsofttechsolutionHow to Create a Manual Collection on Shopify?

If you get any trouble while creating Manual Collection, please leave your queries in the comment box. I am always eager to help you.<How to Create a Manual Collection on Shopify?p>