How To Find Product Handle in Shopify?

In this article, I’ll define the product handle and show you how to get it from your store. First, you need to know what is the meaning of product handle in Shopify.Find Product Handle in Shopify

What is product handle:

When we create a new product in Shopify, it also creates a product handle that is the same as the product name. The Shopify product handle is the name of the product, you can find it in the URL of the product.

So for example, if your product name is “My Awesome Shirt”, then the handle would be “my-awesome-shirt”. You can think of the product handle as the Permalink for that particular product’s page.

You can see how to get the product handle of Shopify product from the instruction below:

Get Shopify product handle:

1. Go to the Shopify Admin dashboard.

2. Choose Products > All Products.

3. Click on the product that you want to get its Product Handle > scroll down to the bottom, click Edit website SEO.


4. Copy your handle in the product URL handle.

Also, you can use another way:

1. Click on the product that you want to get its Product Handle then click on the View option.

2. Copy the product handle from the URL.


If you get any trouble while getting the Product Handle or you need any help please leave your queries in the comment box. I am always eager to help you.