How to Display Estimated Delivery Date on your Shopify store?

The estimated date of delivery (EDD) is when a customer can reasonably expect the order to arrive. It allows your e-commerce website to display and manage the approximate delivery date when the shipment will reach your customer. We calculate this date based on how long it takes to ship the item (handling time), and how long it remains in transit.

In your Shopify store, you can display the estimated delivery date on your product page. Therefore, before buying a product, the customer will be able to see the expected delivery date and this helps the customers to know when their order or product will arrive.

The expected delivery shows two dates:

  1. Minimum Delivery Date: The start date is taken 5 days after the order is placed
  2. Maximum Delivery Date: The end date is taken 10 days after the order is placed

The gap between these two dates is “5 days”. You can also change the number of days in the script at your convenience.

In this post, we’ll discuss how can you display the estimated date of delivery. Please follow these steps respectively:How to Display Estimated Delivery Date on your Shopify store

  1. Log in to your Shopify store.
  2. Go to Online Store > Themes.
  3. Choose the theme which you want to customize, click on Actions > Edit code.
  4. Open product-template.liquid file from Sections folder. (If your theme doesn’t have a product-template.liquid then go to the Templates and open product.liquid).
  5. Copy the below code and paste it below the product title or wherever you want to display EDD.
  6. Save your file and visit the product page of your website and see changes.

If you get any trouble while setting up Estimated Delivery Date, then please let me know in the comment box. I am always eager to help you.