Top Angular Libraries for developers.

Angular is a web development framework for building robust single-page applications and systems. Developed and maintained by Google and community maintainers, Angular is a great library for building large scale web applications.

Angular has a huge and active community, thus, a lot of libraries have been introduced by the community to plug holes and extend the tooling provided by Angular. Today, we’ll look at some libraries that can be introduced into existing applications — libraries ranging from utility libraries to UI component libraries.

  1. Ng Bootstrap : The ng-bootstrap library was built from the top down using TypeScript. Unlike the previous version, it has dropped jQuery as a dependency, specifying Bootstrap’s CSS as its only other dependency. With most JavaScript components implemented, the library seems like a complete solution when using Bootstrap with Angular — as active development is ongoing, more components will be included. Command to add this library : npm i @ng-bootstrap/ng-bootstrap
  2. Angular Google Maps :

The Angular Google Maps library provides services and directives for implementing Google Maps services. There are directives available for creating maps, using markers, etc. The library also provides an async function that is useful for checking if the Google Maps library is loaded on the webpage. Using the Google Maps library in Angular is always a serious hassle because the library is loaded using a script tag, so type definitions aren’t readily available. This causes some compile errors that need a lot of hacking to get rid of.

Command to add this library : npm i @angular/google-maps

3. ng2-file-upload :

Handling file uploads in any single-page application isn’t a task that’s fun to deal with. It would be great if an external library could handle file upload within your web application. Valon-software, the makers of ngx-bootstrap, has you covered with ng2-file-upload, a library that makes file upload a breeze.

The library supports drag-and-drop functionality alongside the good old file select implementation. It provides a utility class (FileUploader) that handles the different file upload methods. It also provides events to monitor the file upload progress, as well as errors and success during the upload.

Command to add this library : npm i ng2-file-upload

4. NGX Bootstrap : The Ngx-Bootstrap is a very popular library to use bootstrap components in Angular Based projects. It contains almost all core components of Bootstrap. ngx-bootstrap components are by design modular, extensible and adaptable.

Command to add this library : npm i ngx-bootstrap

Top Angular Libraries for developers.

5. Angular Material : The list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning a library that implements Google’s Material Design specifications. Angular Material is a components library created by the Angular team. It features a set of components implementing the Material Design specs, ranging from buttons to dialogs, bottom sheets, etc. It features fully customizable themes and a rich set of components that can be used to quickly build an application. Angular Material comes with almost 40 components, with more components under development and four pre-built themes.

Command to add this library : npm i @angular/material

6. Prime NG : PrimeNG is a collection of rich UI components for Angular. All widgets are open source and free to use under MIT License. UI components are configured as modules, once PrimeNG is downloaded and configured, modules and apis can be imported from primeng/{module}

Command to add this library : npm i primeng

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Top Angular Libraries for developers.