Angular Js Versions

AngularJS is an open-source and JavaScript-based framework used for web application development. It is maintained by Google and a community of individuals and corporations. Since the first version, AngularJS has been continuously evolving and became one of the most popular front-end web frameworks.


Angular Versioning

The angular version contains three parts in it: Major version, minor version, and patch release. For example: In Angular version 10.2.5

10 – is a major release
2 – is minor release and
5 – is a patch release.

  1. Major Release : With the major releases, significant new features are added. To update your application from the older version to new version, you need to learn new APIs and update code/scripts accordingly. So, developer assistance is needed. Major releases are released once per six months.
  2. Minor Release : With the minor release, small new features are added. Minor releases are backward compatible so that the developer does not need to update the code according to new APIs, but he/she can learn new APIs and update the code optionally. Peer dependencies are updated but not compulsory to be updated in applications. Two to three minor releases are released per major release.
  3. Patch Release : These releases are for bug fixes. The developer does not need to worry about it. A patch is released almost per week.

How to Update the Application to Target Release?

  • If you want to jump minor release/es, for example from 10.2.3 to 10.2.5, you can do it directly without worrying about minor releases or patches in between.
  • But if you want to jump major releases, for example, 10.2.5 to 11.0.0, you should go step by step and test and validate at each update. That is, migrate from 10.x.x to 11.x.x and then 11.x.x to 12.x.x.
  • If you are updating from AngularJS to Angular, you can use this guide:
  • If you are updating from Angular 2 onwards, you can use this guide:

Can I See What is Coming up Next?

Yes, we can check what all features and APIs are coming up next by using beta releases and release candidates (RC) for each major and minor release.

  • Beta: These are the releases under development and testing. The version number is appended with the ‘beta’ keyword for these releases.
  • A release candidate (RC): Development for these releases are completed and they are in final testing. The version number is appended with the ‘RC’ keyword for these releases. Forex: 6.1.3-RC.

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