How to Add/Edit Copyright text in Shopify?

Copyright is a legal document or a legal right of the owner of intellectual property. Copyright ownership gives the owner exclusive right to use the work, with some exceptions. This text is displayed in the footer section of the website. It contains the copyright symbol, current year, your store name, and “Powered by Shopify” link that provides a clear indication of a copyright symbol, the year of creation, and the author of the content. s

In this post, we show you how to add or edit footer copyright text. Please follow this step:


Open your footer.liquid file from the sections folder and add the below code. s

<div class="copy-right">
    <p class="footer_copyright-content">&copy; {{ 'now' | date: "%Y" }}, {{ | link_to: routes.root_url }}</p>
    <p class="footer_copyright-content-powered-by">{{ powered_by_link }}</p>


1. &copy; – It shows the copyright symbol.

2. {{“now” | date: “%Y”}} – It is used to display the current date.

3. {{ powered_by_link }} – It displays the “powered by Shopify” text.

Save the changes and refresh your website. Also, you can edit elements to display your own text and change the text according to your requirements.expoundsofttechsolution copyright-text-in-shopify