Full-Stack vs MEAN Stack vs MERN Stack: Technology Trend in 2022

In this Blog, We will discuss the upcoming technology trend for web and application development. The competitive market of web and mobile apps is growing every day. The technology and the versions are updating day by day. To build apps, you need a stack of different technologies. There is always a buzz about choosing the best stack for custom app development.full-stack-vs-mean-stack-vs-mern-stack-technology-trend-in-2022

What is STACK?



Here the technology stack refers to a combination of compatible technologies and programming languages.

Development stacks are generally of two types – technology stack and application stack. The former is a cross-disciplinary term in the process of software development.

In the upcoming 2022, the most probable options for web and mobile apps are Full-Stack vs MEAN Stack vs MERN Stack.

So let’s discuss a little more about each one of them here.

FULL Stack Development

The Key Features of the Full Stack development areas :

  • Frontend : CSS, Single page applications (SPA) like HTML5 and JavaScript, Ajax, React, Angular, TypeScript, etc.
  • Backend : Python, NodeJS, PHP, GO, ExpressJS, Caching, Django, Middleware, etc.
  • Database : MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, MongoDB, Clusters, etc.
  • Mobile Apps : iOS and Android
  • DevOps : Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) formulation, CI/CD pipelines.

If you are running a startup or SME business, then for you, Full Stack development will be the appropriate choice.

Full Stack Benefits :

  • Simple to switch within frontend and backend development relying on the project needs.
  • Manage project design, and work on the demanded specification during development.
  • Save app development cost so, to hire Full-Stack developers instead of investing on both frontend and backend developers.
  • Flexibility to switch from one process to another based on project requirement.


MEAN Stack is a collection of JavaScript(JS) based technologies to create simple to complicated websites and mobile applications, both responsive and progressive. It is a very demanded technology across industries. Making use of this user-friendly Full-Stack javascript framework, you can get the benefits of using various tools for system administration.

The Key components of MEAN Stack are :

  • MongoDB : Document-based NoSQL database employed for data storage in the structure of JSON files.
  • Express.js : Back-end web app that works on Node.js environment.
  • Angular : Front-end web framework that works JS code in user’s browser.
  • Node.js : It is a JS runtime environment to execute backend application in JS.

MEAN Stack Benefits :

  • Treats the entire web development cycle starting from frontend development to backend development JavaScript.
  • Model View Controller (MVC) architecture support for a seamless development process.
  • Includes the best four technologies, namely; MongoDB, Angular JS, Node.JS, and ExpressJS
  • A built-in comprehensive testing tool.


MERN is a famous JavaScript(JS) stack utilized for the development process. It is a combination of the most advanced technologies utilized for creating premium web applications. Such applications are created utilizing various databases, frameworks, libraries, and so on. It is a popular and robust technology to use. It contains various open-source elements such as MongoDB, React, Node.js, and Express.js.

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, DropBox, and NetFlix are the five most famous mobile.

The key components of MERN Stack :

  • MongoDB : It is an open-source document-based database.
  • React : It is a frontend JS library utilized to build user interfaces.
  • Express.js : It is a frontend JS library utilized to build user interfaces.
  • Node.js : Created on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine.

MERN Stack Benefits :

  • It Covers a comprehensive web development cycle from frontend to backend development with JS.
  • Reducing server costs. Instead of hiring multiple devs a Mern Dev will do it single handedly.
  • Supports MVC architecture for a sleek development process.
  • Includes best technologies, namely; MongoDB, React, Node.js and Express.js.
  • The ease of reversing web apps to a mobile app or software


There’s no perfect stack in web development technology. To choose the best stack, you must understand the needs of the project and your ideal budget. Also, it is best to consult with an expertize software company regarding the client requirement, budget, and time. so they will be able to suggest which one will be the best for your business: Full Stack or MEAN Stack or MERN Stack that’s it. full-stack-vs-mean-stack-vs-mern-stack-technology-trend-in-2022