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1. Create a router for the storefront. On this page: app/code/<VendorName>/<ModuleName>/etc/frontend/routes.xml and paste the following […]

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Useful commands of Magento 2

Useful commands list of Magento 2useful-commands-of-magento-2 Setup Upgrade Using SSH php bin/magento setup:upgrade If you […]

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how-to-create-breadcrumb-navigation-to-your-shopify-store Breadcrumb Navigation is secondary navigation, also known as breadcrumbs. It can reduce the number […]

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how-to-hide-price-of-products-of-a-certain-tag-on-collection-page how-to-hide-price-of-products-of-a-certain-tag-on-collection-page Add this code to the file.

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For getting the cart items please use the below codehow-to-get-cart-items-in-magento-2 $objectManager = \Magento\Framework\App\ObjectManager::getInstance(); $cart = […]

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Error: magento 2 Class Laminas\Hydrator\Reflection is deprecated, please use Laminas\Hydrator\ReflectionHydrator instead in vendor/laminas/laminas-hydrator/src/Reflection.php on line […]

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